Welcome to North East Asset Management

For over 30 years, we have been constantly refining our business and client practices, in order to sustain our unparalleled and ethical delivery of our services. During this time, we have learned and incorporated several concepts and ideas from clients and allied professionals, resulting in a more efficient and satisfying working environment. We term these “core tenets” and they are as follows:


The foundation of every client relationship. Whereas time changes many things, “The Golden Rule” always works.


A combination of common sense, hard work and simple down-to-earth values, form a powerful combination for the client-advisor relationship. No substitutes here.


Not only is every client relationship unique, so to is the attention to detail, via a proactive, dynamic monitoring process and the conscious decision to serve a limited clientele.


Building on education, experience and knowledge, we have acquired an independent thought process, which accrues to our clients in the tangible measurement of an increased Net Worth and overall quality of life.

These “core tenets” provide the guiding light for each client-advisor relationship. Combined with a multi-decade passion to do right by the client, whether blue collar or white, and you have an uncompromised vision of our everyday sense of purpose.