Advice & Guidance

Objective financial advice and fiduciary guidance is all you receive at NEAM. No product sales, no third party affiliations – Just conflict-free and customized financial advice. Pure and Simple. How you ask? It all starts with ‘ Knowing the Client’. This is where the ‘DIME’ process AND the ability to listen combine to forge a powerful understanding between the client and NEAM. Verbal and non-verbal client cues, accomplished only through in-person meetings, plus the art of listening by experienced CFP professionals, create a solid foundation and understanding of client aspirations and life goals.

Since every client is unique, so too must be the recommended financial advice dispensed in a fiduciary capacity. Boiled down, all financial advice must be actionable and in the best interest of the client. NEAM prides itself by the ‘Knowing the Client’ before any actions are taken on behalf of the client. A comprehensive financial plan acts as the “glue” to the client, so all parties understand the scope of an initial and ongoing engagement. All actions are thought out before acted upon. It’s that simple. No marketing gimmicks, full disclosure and no robo adviser. Your financial future is at stake. Would you want anything less?!?