Employer Solutions

As an employer, why not make your life simpler and your employees more productive? NEAM takes on the nuts and bolts challenges of your workplace and provides cost-efficient and current solutions, allowing your business to excel.

‘Blue Collar Experience and White Collar Wisdom’ is not a catchy tagline, but a deep rooted way of life. NEAM is fortunate to bring a blue collar heritage, molded by the immigrant ethics of hard work and perseverance, combined with knowledge, experience and wisdom to your advantage.

Leverage NEAM’s collective ERISA-404(c) compliance background to minimize your fiduciary liability, while offering a competitive employee benefit program; Enhance your stature among employees by offering not just 401(k) investment education, but a custom employee financial wellness program titled, ‘The Benefit of a Lifetime’; Concluding with innovative executive financial planning for business owners and designated key personnel.

You know time is money. Invest in your employees and the payback will be immeasurable. Start today and don’t look back.