Wealth Management

A Complete Approach to Wealth Management in Minneapolis

Wealth Management is the fashionable catchphrase for traditional comprehensive financial planning. What’s new is old, especially when it comes to your money. The five principles of Financial Planning include:

Risk Management

All insurance coverages are examined for suitability and maximum protection. From Automobile, Disability, Health, Life, Long Term Care, Personal Liability and many others, the transfer of risk through insurance represents one of the best methods to protect yourself and family from adverse life situations.


One of the glamour principles, investing utilizes proven asset allocation strategies, diversification, cost and tax minimization, all while managing the two most important concepts of managing risk with expected investment return.

Income Taxes

Always a consideration on a Federal and State perspective, this principle can be properly managed via tax loss harvesting, employing multiple asset classes, the power of tax-deferral and keeping a keen eye on regulatory changes which may result in greater tax efficiency. The power of planning and implementation at it’s finest.

Retirement Planning

Pre-tax, post-tax, it needs to happen. Gone are the days of income security and a gold watch. From 401(k)’s, IRA’s (Roth & Traditional) and every investment vehicle in between, your retirement is in your hands. NEAM can help you prepare wisely for the myriad of retirement planning pitfalls, but mainly opportunities.

Estate Planning

Everyone should have an ‘Estate Planning Package’ of Wills, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive. From here, Estate Planning can get complex – Fast. CRAT’s, CRUT’s, GRIT’s, GRAT’s, Revocable vs. Irrevocable, Donative Intent, Philanthropy, the choices are gratifying, if planned for properly.

Choosing a wealth advisor in Minneapolis that has your unique goals in mind is crucial when it comes to properly diversifying your entire portfolio, in order to obtain greater Net Worth. At North East Asset Management, we utilize the “DIME” advisory process to provide unique and comprehensive advice, no matter your stage in life to offer lasting financial peace of mind now and in the future. Wealth management encapsulates a range of objective strategies and with personalized support from your advisor, that is how “We Create and Manage Wealth”™ for our clients.

“The Benefit of a Lifetime”™ Starts Here

For over three decades, the team at North East Asset Management has specialized in providing a limited number of small business and individual clients with custom advice for wealth management in Minneapolis. We start off by getting to know You, the client, and your financial situation, before providing a service that gets you towards your short and long-term goals. Our process starts with a comprehensive portfolio review, that is followed by implementing advice for your investments, tax effectiveness, retirement and estate planning so that your wealth is protected and planned for every future scenario.

Let Us Help “Create and Manage Your Wealth”™ Today

For more than 30 years, NEAM has assisted clients, via the ‘DIME’ process, to ‘Create and Manage Wealth’. Will you be next?

Making your wealth work smarter for you is crucial in creating and sustaining wealth. Along with North East Asset Management, you benefit from custom personalized service for wealth management in Minneapolis. Learn more today by calling us at (763) 785-9541.